# Customizing the migrations


If all you want to do is change the table names of Venture's tables, check out Changing the table names in the Configuration section.

In case you want to alter the migrations that come with Venture, you can publish them with the following artisan command.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Sassnowski\Venture\VentureServiceProvider" --tag=migrations

This will place three migrations into your applications database/migrations folder: 2020_08_16_000000_create_workflow_table.php, 2020_08_17_000000_add_additional_columns_to_workflow.php and 2020_11_13_000000_add_edges_column_and_exception_column_to_workflow_jobs_table.


You should never change the default columns that come with Venture since that might cause the package to stop working properly.